Freight Shipping Rates From Arizona to Nevada

Below you'll find information to help you better understand truckload shipping rates from Arizona to Nevada.

AZ Freight Shipping Overview

Arizona freight rates are more expensive for outbound freight in the spring and summer as a result of peak produce season. The most common commodities of truckload freight shipped out of Arizona are produce, cotton, copper and mulch.

NV Freight Shipping Overview

Nevada freight rates depend on if you are moving freight into Las Vegas or into the rest of Nevada. Over 2/3 of Nevada's total population lives in the Las Vegas metropolitan area resulting in heavy consumption in Las Vegas and low consumption everywhere else in the state. This means high freight rates when shipping outside of Las Vegas and low rates when shipping freight into Las Vegas.

Top NV Shipping Destinations

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Reno
  • Paradise
  • North Las Vegas

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