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The First High-Tech Freight Broker

What We Do

Open Mile is a truckload freight broker. We are moving the industry online to reduce costs and deliver better service for carriers and shippers.

We believe that the freight brokerage industry is broken. Shippers have been forced to accept poor service and high rates for too long. Open Mile's tech-enabled services offer shippers a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to using traditional freight brokers when shipping less than truckload or full truckload.

Today, Open Mile works with hundreds of customers that share our vision. These customers range in size from billion dollar enterprises to small and medium business, spanning industries like food, beverage and consumer products to paper, publishing and light manufacturing.


Our Differences Deliver Better Service

Delivering superior service compared to traditional brokers - all at a better price.

1. We Know Where Our Trucks Are

We're the first freight broker to use location-based applications to track every shipment prior to pickup and through delivery. This means we know the exact location of your shipment at all points in time which helps us deliver the highest degree of on-time service.

2. Regional Focus

We focus on shipments that originate or terminate in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Whether it's a short- or long-haul move, our deep regional carrier network consistently delivers price and superior service year-round.

3. Industry Expertise

We are focused on industries that truly care about on time pickup and delivery. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the nuances, operating requirements and expectations of customers, allowing us to deliver the best experience while “speaking our customers' language”.


4. Best-in-Class Shipment Tracking

Fingertip access to any shipment's exact location, ETA and delivery details on your phone, our website or your own system via EDI integration. If required, our customer service team is available 24x7x365.

5. 24x7x365 Customer Service

We recognize we can't automate everything. Our shippers and carriers can always count on having a person on the other end of the line when they need to get a quick update or resolve a situation. Our service team is available day and night, all year long.


6. Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Receive detailed reporting and analytics via our online customer portal. Easily view historical freight volume, spend, accessorial and detention charges, as well on-time service ratings for both pickup and delivery.

7. Innovative Pricing Options

Customers like choice. We can provide pricing options either as a spot market price or at a contractual rate. Even better, ask about our 100% transparent Cost Plus model.

How it Works

First to Automate Freight Sourcing and Tracking

Open Mile has streamlined typical brokerage processes to deliver you better service and lower rates.

Freight Sourcing

  • Customer tenders order however is easiest. We accept fax, flat file, email, XML or EDI
  • Next, we determine which of our 8,000 pre-qualified carriers offers the best mix of price and service. These carriers have been screened to ensure they fulfill insurance, safety and operating authority requirements
  • Our system then uses 25 dynamic factors such as historical on-time pickup and delivery, equipment availability and claim history to determine which carriers provide the the best fit
  • Potential carriers are sent load notifications instantly via email, SMS and mobile applications
  • The result? Your load is booked with the most reliable carrier based on quantifiable data - not just human instinct or being the lowest cost.

Freight Management

  • Real-time tracking from before pickup and through delivery, check-ins provided by location based applications, email, SMS and IVR
  • Average of 6-8 automated check-ins per day with every carrier
  • Potential problems are automatically identified and elevated to our 24x7x365 service team
  • Customer is proactively notified of any issues for prompt resolution
  • The result? We deliver at least 97% on-time to the minute for our customers, while proactively resolving potential problems before they occur


See The Industries We Serve.

Our customers includes hundreds of companies with challenges and requirements similar to your own.

Food and Beverage

Open Mile is an expert in the nuances, expectations, and requirements of the food and beverage industry. Every day we are delivering raw materials to manufacturing locations, as well as ensuring that the brand name products we all know and love arrive on-time at grocery stores, big box retailers and other food distributors. We consistently deliver the highest levels of on-time pickup and delivery, helping to eliminate costly charge-backs and service failure related penalties.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Open Mile understands the demand fluctuations, seasonality, and time pressures associated with the consumer packaged goods industry. Increasing costs and competitive pressures are placing an even greater importance on finding innovative ways to improve service and lower costs. From collaborating with pre-packaging locations to ensuring products arrive on store shelves, Open Mile understands the pressures today’s CPG manufacturers are facing and the critical nature of our role as a transportation partner.

Light Manufacturing

Open Mile is deeply committed to working with the various light manufacturing companies that represent America’s industrial backbone. Whether it's getting materials into production or transporting finished product to your customers, Open Mile can consistently deliver superior service at lower cost to give our customers the competitive edge they need.


High-Value Goods

Open Mile has a long history working with businesses shipping electronics, technology products, and other high-value goods. Our operations team is intimately familiar with the challenges and inherent risks in transporting high-value freight, enabling us to deliver the highest levels of on-time service, with greater peace of mind than comparable companies by tracking the exact location of your shipment ( how we do it ) from hours before pickup and through every step until final delivery.


Truckload Expertise

Open Mile only services truckload shipments. Whether your shipment requires a dry van, refrigerated trailer or flatbed, Open Mile can handle all of your full-truckload needs. Our network of 8,500 carriers is the deepest carrier network available in the North East and Mid-Atlantic markets. This network, when combined with our unique use of location-based tracking applications, ensures our customer receive the highest levels of on-time pickup and delivery.